#3 - Jeanette Turtle - Past Life - Hunter Boy Welcomed into Manhood

C    Colours
J     What sort of colours?
C    Purple
J     Purple? And is it a solid colour or shapes?
C    It’s got rough edged
J     Rough edges around what sort of shape?
C    No it’s not a shape it’s just rough all over, rough all over
J     So it’s not a shape, so can you touch it?
C    No
J     So is it close to you?
C    Its in the distance
J     So what’s below you?
C    Don’t know, it looks like a cave
J     A cave ok. So, let’s look down at your feet, can you see your feet?
C    Yeah
J     And what have you got on your feet?
C    Nothing
J     Bare feet?
C    Yeah
J     Look further up your body, are you wearing anything?
C    Some rags
J     And do you feel male or female
C    A little boy
J     And what colour are these rags that you are wearing?
C    Dark
J     So what are you doing near this cave?
C    I’ve got a sphere in my hand
J     OK & what do you intend to do with that sphere?
C    I’m going to kill something
J     Are you wearing any jewellery or ornaments on your body?
C    I’ve got bones around my neck
J    Ok, anything else?
C    I don’t know
J    Have you got anything on your head?
C   Sticks
J     You’ve got sticks on your head?
C    A crown
J     Ok, what colour hair do you have?
C    Black, long & black
J     So are you going into the cave or have you just come out of the cave?
C   Standing at the entrance
J     And are you looking in or are you looking out?
C    Looking in
J     What are you feeling?
C    That I need to go in
J     So let’s go in that cave, what’s the temperature?
C    It’s a bit cold, wet, it’s wet
J     Cold & wet. Have a look at the walls, can you see anything?
C    No
J     Can you see where you’re going, is it li up a bit?
C    Not really, it’s dark
J     So what are you looking for in this cave?
C    Some food
J     What sort of food do you think you will find in here?
C    Something, something to kill
J     So do you live around here?
C    Near the caves
J     Let’s go to your home, lets go to your home where you live. Have a look at it from the outside & describe it to me
C    It’s a hut
J     And what’s it made of?
C    Like some cloth, sticks
J     So let’s go inside this hut, tell me what you can see
C    The family
J     And who’s in your family? Who’s there?
C    My mum, my dad, my sister & my baby brother. They’re sitting around the fire
J     And what’s on the fire, what’s keeping the fire burning?

J     How old is your sister, is she younger or older than you?
C    She’s older
J     How are they dressed, what are they all wearing?
C     Cloths
J     Everybody is wearing cloth’s? Have they got anything on their heads?
C    No
J     And what do people call you?
C    My name is Boy
J     Pauly?
C    Boy
J     Boy? Everybody in the family calls yolu Boy?
C    Yeah
J     What do you call your sister?
C   I don’t know
J     What language does everybody speak?
C    We’re not really, just grunting.
J     I see. So where so you eat your meals, is there a table?
C    We kill it & bring it back
J     So do you cook it, how do you cook it?
C    Yeah, kill it, chop it up, take the skin off & we put it in a pot
J     Describe it
C    It’s long, it doesn’t have a lid
J     Ok
C     It’s just open, we just put the meat
J     What sort of things do you kill to eat
C    There’s bears, a lot of bears
J     Are these bears very big?
C    Hmmmm big bears
J     Who kills them?
C    Me
J     On your own?
C    My dad comes as well
J     How old do you think you are? Are you a big strong boy or are you small?
C    I don’t know. I’m nearly, I’m not as big as my dad, but we got out together sometimes
J     What does your mum do, how does she spend her days?
C    She looks after the children
J     So you & your dad go out hunting for bears & other food, does your dad do anything else for a living?
C    He goes of on his own sometimes with other men
J     And what do they go to do
C    I don’t know, they go to different places, sometimes they come back, seems like they’ve been…
J     What do they bring back
C    Sometimes they bring back different animals
J     Oh, what sort of animals
C    Some funny looking birds. Big birds
J     Anything else
C    Some drinks
J     What sort of drinks?
C    I don’t know what it is
J     Are you allowed to have some?
C    No, it’s for the, for the men, only the men can drink it. My dad says I’m not big enough
J     And how do you feel in this life, are you happy?
C    Happy, I’m happy. I’m just living …
J     What other things do you do with your time when you’re not hunting?
C    I play
J     What sort of things do you play?
C    I play with my sister. We got in the caves & we play hide & seek
J     Ok, so what does your sister do all day?
C    She helps my mum, with the baby
J     How do you spend your evenings, do you have any light in your hut?
C     Just a fire, a light from the fire. Sometimes, we sit out with all the other people.
J      Is there lots of different huts near your hut then is there?
C     Yeah & there’s other children. We sometimes go off together & play. And then I will get called to go back, and I’ll have to go & hunt for some food.       Sometimes my dad’s not well
J     He’s not well?
C     No
J     What’s wrong with him?
C     I don’t know. He lies down
J     Is he very old
C     No, he don’t look old
J     So when he lies down, does he hold any part of his body? Is he in pain?
C     He doesn’t look like he’s in pain
J     Does he say why he needs to lie down?
C    I think it’s from the drinking
J     Does he drink often?
C    He likes to go off with the men & come back. That’s why I go out on my own, to find food
J     So do you kill these bears on your own sometimes?
C    I’ve got sphere
J     When your mum cooks those big birds, are they cooked the same way as she cooks the bears?
C     Sometimes she puts a stick through the middle & turns it on the fire
J     I see. Is there anything else you want to tell me about the scenes you can see at the moment?
C     No
J      So let’s leave that scene, & let’s move to another important day in the life of the boy. A day that you consider to be important, when something is        happening. So, move forward now, to an important day in the life of boy. What do you see?
C     I can see a cloak
J      And where is the cloak. Is someone wearing it, is it hanging up?
C     Somebody’s holding it
J      And whose cloak is it?
C    They want to put it on me
J      Do you want the cloak?
C     They are welcoming me into the manhood
J      Oh they are welcoming you into the manhood? What colour is the cloak?
C     Don’t know, it’s like a dark colour.
J      Who’s there with you?
C     It’s all the men around, they are all dancing
J     Are there no ladies, no women there?
C     No it’s just the men
J     And how are you feeling today?
C     Like I’ve been… I’m now a man
J      Do you feel proud?
C     Yeah
J      So are you allowed to go off on these trips now?
C     Yeah because they let me go, they will show me where they go
J     So let’s go then, on one of them trips, you & all the men. How old are you now?
C    I don’t know about…
J     How do you know you’re a man
C    Cause I’m bigger, taller
J     Do the men just decide that you are old enough to join them or is there certain…
C    I’m getting hair on my body
J     Let’s go off on one of those trips with the men, and tell me what you all do
C    I’m making something
J     What are you making
C    I’m making something that I can drink
J     How are you making it, what are you using?
C    I’m using leaves & berries & I’m making a drink. They tell me I can have a drink now
J     I bet you’re really excited. So do you have a sip?
C    Yeah, it tastes funny
J     So do you want some more
C    They’re telling me to drink more. Drink, drink it all
J     So are you drinking it?
C    I’m drinking it
J     Is everybody sitting, or standing are you indoors, outdoors
C     We’re outdoors. They are telling me that the women can’t come here
J     Why can’t the women come?
C     Cause it’s for men only
J     How many men are there with you?
C    There’s about 20
J     It’s like a little party. So what else do you do. Do you just drink or do you do anything else while you are there?
C    I’m drinking, we’re dancing. The drink makes you feel nice
J     Does it?
C    hmmm.
J     What’s everybody talking about?
C    Going back & sleeping
J     Is it very far from where you live?
C    I don’t know it’s a, a bit of a walk
J     So you all walked there?
C    Hmmm.
J     Do you carry anything else with you?
C    Just our spheres
J     So do you all eat when you’re with the men or do you just drink?
C    We’re just drinking
J     Sound’s like you are having a right enjoyable time. So, let’s move forward again to another important day in the life of Boy. Move on forwards so         we can get some more information. What’s happening? Tell me what’s happening next. Where are you?
C    I’m with my mum
J      Are you at home?
C    Hmmm. She’s not well
J     What’s wrong with mum?
C    I don’t know. She’s, she’s not well
J     How do you know she’s not well? What can you see?
C    My sister
J     What’s your sister doing?
C    She’s wrapping my mum up
J     What is she wrapping her in?
C    Cloths. she’s trying to keep her warm. I think she’s dying
J     What makes you think she’s dying?
C    She doesn’t look alright
J     What does she look l,ike? Is she in pain?
C    She’s reaching out.
J     She’s reaching out to you?
C    Yeah but I’m scared
J    Are you going over to her?
C    I’m next to her
J    And what is she saying?
C    She’s telling me to take care of the family
J     And where’s your dad? Is your dad there?
C     My dad’s sat in the corner
J     What’s your dad doing?
C     He’s got his head in his hands
J      Is mum very old?
C     She’s got some, some grey hair. She needs to go
J     So moving on just a little bit. How’s mum now? What’s happening to mum?
C     She’s gone. There’s just me& my sister, the little one & my dad
J     There’s you, your sister, your little brother & your dad?
C     Yeah
J     Is your little brother very big now?
C     He’s older, he’s no longer a baby
J     Does he go hunting?
C    Not with the men
J     He’s not old enough het?
C    No
J     What happens now that mums gone? Does your sister have to run the household?
C     She’s taken mums place – she does the cooking & cleaning
J     Will sister get married? What happens when you get older?
C     I don’t know. She’s too busy looking after my dad
J     What happens to mums’ body now that she’s passed? What do you do with her body?
C     We’ve buried her
J     Where did you bury her?
C     We’ve taken her into the fields, made a special place
J     And how are you feeling?
C     I’m sad that she’s gone. My dad says that we have to be brave. The men have to look after that family & feed them