Past Life Regression & QHHT - Testimonial 1

In this video my client has just emerged from her QHHT session, in which she saw herself as her true self; an Angel, helping those on Earth in times of the plague & floods. There were some very emotional scenes where she was protecting the children under her wings. (This explains this lady's amazing gifts that she has in her current life). She also saw another past life during which she was a little girl stolen after her parents had been shot.

Past Life Regression & QHHT - Testimonial 2

Well, in this video my client speaks about her session during which she experienced flying on the back of a dragon & got some astounding information on Ascension & New Earth., along with somehealing for herself & her family.

Past Life Regression & QHHT - Testimonial 3

In this video my client talks about her QHHT session which was absolutly facinating and it was a pleasure to her her "buzzing" after her session x.

Past Life Regression & QHHT - Testimonial 4

In this video my client has just emerged from her QHHT session, in which she saw herself as a witch who was burnt at the stake, which sounds traumatic but she learnt so much from seeing that scene.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide Meditation

This Meet Your Spirit Guide hypnosis regression was made to assist people new to the concept of spirit guides. Anyone can use hypnosis for meeting with their spirit guide, but like most things, maybe not on the first attempt.

Relax, explore and seek the insights from this experience of meeting with you spirit guide that has the power to transform your present life.

My Visit to the Tree of Life & the River of Souls

Well, in this video I talk a bit about my spiritual journey and in particular my experience of being taken by my spirit guides to visit the River of Souls which was flowing in front of Source. I was then taken to be shown the tree of Life.

Throughout this journey I felt an overwhelming feeling of love encompassing my body that I had never felt before, although I often feel it since my experience.

Client Sessions

Past Life Regression & QHHT - Lightworkers sent to Earth

Client starts on a planet other than Earth - Alcyone. She quickly realises that there has been a battle on her planet with many casualties, her parents included. She meets with the Galactic Council for her area and an idea is discussed about sending people from the planets of light to incarnate on a planet called Earth. It has been seen that the ‘dark’ will place its stronghold there and if not stopped, the darkness will spread throughout our galaxy and to the entire Universe as we are all one. A plan is put in place to conquer the dark from within the planet itself by having high consciousness beings from the higher density planets incarnate on the 3rd dimensional Earth to help liberate the people who do not even know that they are enslaved.

Past Life Regression & QHHT - The Workhouse & Bodmin Castle

My client contacted me because she felt a strong connection to Bodmin Jail, a historic former prison situated in Bodmin, on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. Built in 1779 and closed in 1927, the large range of buildings is now largely in ruins, although parts of the prison have been turned into a tourist attraction. On a recent trip to this tourist attraction, she felt she was being followed by a spirit.

Watch the video to find out more.



Past Life Regression & QHHT - The Angel

In this Video I talk about a recent QHHT session (Video #12) in which a client experiences a past life as a Angel, an angel who used his wings to protect the children in a time of floods. He then became quite upset at being unable to prevent people from dying from the plague. We went on to speak to the clients Higher Self who confirmed, amongst other things, that the client was in fact an Angel in a past life, and her son in this life, was her brother - Angel Adam in her past life too. The Higher Self went on to explain the answers to my clients list of questions and then performed a body scan to remove/reduce some pain that my client had been experiencing.

Past Life Regression & QHHT Life of Ren an Egyptian Soldier

27 yr old Ren who had just finished fighting in a war in Egypt, really happy that they had won. Returned home to wife, son & daughter & his elderly parents. They lived on a sheep farm & were happy. Then Ren got called to go to war again, this time his son had to go as he was 14. Ren ended up losing sight of his son and died after being stabbed in the chest.

Past Life Regression & QHHT Life of Patricia (Part 1)

Patricia lives on the beach. She came to be there after being on a ship as a baby, amongst other slaves, who were being thrown overboard. Patricia's mother swam with baby Patricia to shore where they lived off the land in the red hut. When Patricia was 7 her mother never returned so she carried on looking after herself & spent time meditating. She eventually married the ship captain who used to bring tourists to the Island. 

Past Life Regression & QHHT Life of Sophie

In this past life regression my client experiences the life of Sophie, a Reverends daughter who goes on to live a grand life married to a Mayor. After his death Sophie opens her home as a school and herself & staff teach the children until Sophie eventually goes blind.After this clip we then ask questions of her Higher Self (which were personal).

Past Life Regression & QHHT - Life of Homeless Katie

Katie who was an 18-year-old sociology student living with her mum. Was lonely, had no friends only a couple of people who spoke to her at college. Mum got cancer & died. Katie sold the house & chose to live on the streets as she felt that was all she deserved. At 27 Katie got involved in heroin after being introduced to it by a girl she met on the streets. By 29 Katie was in a bad way & took her last breath in a shop doorway where she was sleeping.

Past Life Regression & QHHT Hunter Boy Welcomed into Manhood

In this QHHT session my client visited 4 past lives. This was the 1st of the 4 lives visited. A young boy with a sphere who was called Boy. He’d go off hunting for bears & big birds in caves with his dad & he had a big occasion when he reached puberty. He was welcomed into manhood. Mum died & was buried in a special place in the field. As with all my sessions, we finish by speaking to the clients Higher Self to get answers to their questions about their worries or illnesses & to find our how the past life shown corresponds with todays life.

Past Life Regression & QHHT Hung for Witchcraft Title

In this QHHT session, this client sees a past life of young woman In Kilkenny, Ireland when it is invaded. People are fleeing but the young woman decides to remain because she can help & heal people. When caught trying to heal a young boy she is accused of being a witch & consequently hung. After this clip we then ask questions of her Higher Self (which were personal).

Past Life Regression & QHHT Bodyscan - Healing the kidneys

The Subconscious is such a wonderful thing. In this QHHT session my client had been experiencing kidney problems for a number of years. The healing that took place in this session was quite intense.